Premium Dimpled Stretch Knit Mattress Protector

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Size: Twin
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Dimpled Stretch Premium Mattress Protector Stretch Knit SVEN & SON®
Regular price $28.97
Regular price $34.97 Sale price $28.97

100% Waterproof and breathable polyurethane backing protects the mattress from stains, spills, incontinence, and other bodily fluids. 100% polyester stretch knit in a soft, cool and comfortable dimpled design. 4-way polyester stretch knit contours to the mattress, allowing for a quiet and comfortable sleep. Safe for children and pets, inhibiting allergens and dust mites from entering the mattress, creating a healthy sleep environment.

Additional features include:

  • Oeko-Tex certified for environmentally friendly, responsible and sustainable fabric production
  • Machine washable
  • 10-year warranty
  • Fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep.