Sven & Son Replacement Legs

$6.99 - $60.00
Size: 2"
Package Size: 4 Pack
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Regular price $35.00
Regular price Sale price $35.00

Find the solution to better sleep by creating the perfect bed height.

  • Customizable Leg Extenders. Instantly creates additional under-bed storage space; ideal for bed Sven & Son adjustable bed bases. 
  • Solid bed leg extenders riser can be altered with three height options €€œ 2 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches (when combined no more than 12 inches is recommended).
  • Bed leg extenders fit securely by screwing into the designated channels on the bottom of your Sven & Son adjustable bed base.
  • Made of steel, they can safely support a total of up to 900 lbs. When bed risers are combined ensure you are using the proper leg extenders for your base. 
  • Note: We do not recommend adding leg extenders to any system that creates a leg height greater than 12-inch legs.