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Aurora Adjustable Bed Base

$369.99 - $599.99
Size: Twin XL
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Aurora Series Adjustable Bed Base Celestial Sleep®
Regular price $369.99
Regular price $443.99 Sale price $369.99

Introducing the Aurora - where the art of relaxation meets the science of sleep.

Elegance in Engineering: Dive into unparalleled comfort with the Aurora Adjustable Bed Base. Designed for those seeking sleep luxury, Aurora promises a celestial sleeping experience, night after night.

Key Features:

  • Head and Foot Articulation: Personalize your rest. Whether you're reading, watching, or drifting off to sleep, find the perfect angle for every moment.
  • Zero Gravity Position: Experience weightlessness. The Aurora mimics the sensation of floating, reducing pressure points and allowing you to escape the stresses of the day.
  • Memory Positions: Your favorite positions, remembered. With a single click, return to that sweet spot you love.
  • Anti-Snore Position: For those nights when tranquility is a must. Elevate and adjust to promote smoother breathing and quieter nights.
  • Wireless Remote: Sleek and intuitive. Adjust your bed effortlessly, even in the dark.
  • Easy Assembly: No need for tools or tedious instruction manuals. Set up your Aurora with ease and dive into comfort sooner than you think.

A Sleep Like No Other: With the Aurora Adjustable Bed Base, every night becomes a starry escape into dreamland. Crafted with precision and dedication, Celestial Sleep Co. ensures that your rest is as splendid as the celestial bodies that inspired its name.

Elevate your sleep. Experience Aurora.