Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle
Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle

Classic Adjustable Bed Base + Jamison Bundle

Sven & Son

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NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART BED BASE BY SVEN & SON: Upgrade your lifestyle & rethink comfort with the all-new Classic Adjustable Base by Sven & Son. Imagine yourself relaxed in your own home with the split adjustable base using the Individual Head and Foot Control.

TAKE TRUE CONTROL OVER YOUR BED BASE: Knowing how advanced wireless control is important for you, we reimagined remote control in electric adjustable beds with the all-new 18 Button remote. Enjoy One-Touch Flat function, Anti Snore, Zero Gravity, Memory and pre-set button, along with an emergency power-down feature. Platform bed zero clearance compatible. And with the ultra-quiet motor & split design, you can change functions easily without disturbing your partner.

MASSAGING. REINVENTED. Delight and relax after hard days work with the all-new interactive massaging unit. Our massaging adjustable bed base lets you target aches & pains directly using multiple level massage with Pulse, Wave, and Full Body Vibration.

4 ULTRA-QUIET FIRST-CLASS MOTORS: No matter if you want to massage while your partner is sleeping, or you want to move positions in the middle of the night, you can do it unnoticeably with our ultra-quiet motor and smartly engineered frames. This supreme motor is truly built to last while providing you daily with reliable & responsive usage.

FREE 5 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY ($250 Retail Value) $0 DEDUCTIBLE PARTS AND LABOR in-home technician visits. 100% mechanical, motors, electric, power surges, and structural coverage Warrantees Differ Greatly.

We Provide The Best Coverage Available. Sleep Geekz 5 Star Customer Service Included~Free Shipping, In-home setup Available. Headboard-Furniture not included.

Sven & Son Classic Adjustable Base

What's included:

  • Separate Head and Foot Control
  • 18 button Back-Lit Remote with One-Touch Flat Button, Anti-Snore and Zero Gravity Presets
  • Under Bed Lighting
  • USB Ports (2) on Each Side of the Frame
  • Interactive Dual Massage with Three Intensity Levels: 1) Pulse 2) Wave 3) Full Body Vibration
  • Emergency Power Down Feature
  • 12" Steel Legs


Sven & Son's under-bed lighting not only helps provide functionality but helps create the blissful ambiance your bedroom has been missing. With soft lighting accents, you can say goodbye to tripping over corners or waking up your partner with harsh lighting.


Sven & Son brings a spa-like experience to your bedroom. The fully adjustable dual massage incorporates our wave technology. There are two separate areas at work to soothe you - one to loosen up those shoulders, and one to focus on those hard-working legs. Our wave technology sends that awesome sensation of relaxation travels from head to toe and back.


Ultra-quiet is our quietest motor yet. Continue to hear every minute of your favorite show or every note of your favorite song while simultaneously adjusting your bed. Want to change positions without waking that sleepy-head next to you? Not a problem.

5 Minute Easy Assembly

Assembly Is Very Easy:

* No Tools Required

* Screw In Your Legs

* Plug-In Your Bed

Compatible With Any Mattress

This Sven & Son Adjustable Bed Frame Can Be Used with All Types Of Mattresses On The Market Today. Having Trouble Finding The Right Mattress. Look At Our Sven & Son Bundles For A Better Nights Sleep.

Zero Gravity Feature

Zero Gravity Feature Is For Minimizing Pressure Points In your Body Offering you Better Sleep At Night.

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Dry- latex goes through the final curing and drying process. 

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•Latex Rubber is…. Rubber from the sap of the rubber tree 



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•Visco/Polyurethane is…. *****Jamison TLC DOES NOT USE VISCO OR POLYURETHANE*****



Memory Foams, Visco Foams are Petroleum 

•Plastic Bottles 

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